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Liquid Kratom

Kratom Shots (K Shots) are a convenient way to take your Kratom dosage, even on the busiest days. When you do not have time to measure and mix your Kratom powder or risk a mess, grab your Kratom Shot and get the same desired effect.

Why do some Kratom consumers prefer Kratom shots?

After you do your research about Kratom and begin trying Kratom products, you'll find the Kratom product you want to begin with, and it is usually a Kratom gummy or capsule. As you get first-hand knowledge about Kratom, most Kratom users venture out and begin trying other Kratom strains, products, and even Kratom powder. Typically, Kratom users who know the impact and what they need and desire to obtain prefer Kratom Shots. Our Kratom shots provide a powerful way to consume Kratom and get fast results. Kratom Shots are preferred by experienced Kratom consumers who already know about this product and its powerful impact.

Key Facts

Lab Tested

GMP Approved

15mg per Full Spectrum Kratom Shot

Go Natural With Kratom Shots

As more people add going natural to their lifestyles with more time outdoors, exercise, and consuming food, drinks, and products to support a natural lifestyle, Kratom shots have continued to increase in popularity. Our Kratom Shots deliver when you're seeking natural products that have the quality and potency you need.

At PurKratom, we never add additives or sugar to our Kratom Shots. Instead, stay natural with our Kratom Shots using herbs that have been around since ancient times.

About Tropical Kratom Shots

Kratom Shots have quickly become a favorite on-the-go, practical, and portable Kratom product. They have grown quickly in popularity because of the premium quality, pure Kratom, and impact they deliver. Kratom Shots are also versatile, as you can take them on their own or add them to a favorite recipe or beverage.

When you want a Kratom shot that will not let you down, purchase from PurKratom with confidence. You'll soon recognize you're receiving the highest quality Kratom available, all packed into a powerful punch with a Kratom Shot.

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Kratom Shots Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kratom Shots?

A Kratom Shot is formulated as a liquid. It looks similar to energy shots found at convenience stores, grocery stores, and gas stations throughout the United States. Kratom Shots are water-based Kratom formulated to provide easy and convenient quick delivery. They also maintain the power and potency expected from pure Kratom products.

Is A Kratom Shot different from a Kratom Extract?

Yes, Kratom shots and Kratom extracts are very different. A Kratom Shot is a beverage meant to be used as indicated on the packaging. So, if you are enjoying a Kratom Shot on its own or are adding your Kratom shot to another beverage or food, you are using it as intended. There is no need to drink it quickly. We provide a consistent potency and dosage of Kratom in each Kratom Shot. Try it first, start slowly, and never mix your Kratom shot with alcohol or other drugs.

Why Choose Kratom Shots?

Kratom shots deliver a Kratom product and everything you anticipate in a convenient and consistent dosing that is an easy and enjoyable liquid to consume. PurKratom provides a premium Kratom shot manufactured in the USA in our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) approved facility. In addition, we have high-quality quality control processes and third-party lab testing, assuring the ingredients and quality of our Kratom Shots.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kratom Shot?

What Are The Benefits Of A Kratom Shot? Kratom shots are fast-acting. There's no need to make time to measure your Kratom powder. Additionally, there's no mess to clean up. Kratom shots can be easily stored and taken on the go, so you have a Kratom dosage when you need it.

If you've been using Kratom powder, capsules, or gummies and are an avid Kratom consumer, the Kratom shot could be a perfect consumption method for you. Kratom shots are powerful, delivering a potent Kratom dosage, and are created with the Kratom enthusiasts in mind.